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Past Auctions 

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Consigning to Murray Payne Auctions

What material is suitable for Murray Payne Auctions ?

 We are always interested in good single country collections, rarer single items or sets, Specimens, sheets, complete collections, proofs and most other specialised material. We have a focus on KGVI material but we are able and willing to handle good quality stamps from all reigns. Should we judge the material you would like to consign not to best suited for our Auctions (for example, if it would be advantageous for it to be offered by public auction), we will always undertake to advise of an alternative route to market.

How do I consign material?

The first thing to do is to give us a call or send us an email to let us know what material you have, so we can discuss with you the best course of action. We will then advise the best way to send the material to us, and in some cases we may be able to collect it from you. We regularly travel overseas to view larger collections. We can also arrange for collection by courier on our account, fully insured.

What happens next?

Once we have received your material we will lot it and write full descriptions. When the catalogue is published we will send a listing of your lots along with the catalogue. Should you require reserves to be placed on the material, we normally suggest 80% of estimate as a rough guide. Most customers prefer to leave it to our discretion (we don't accept 'silly' bids).

What happens with my unsold lots?

Any lots that remain unsold after the Internet Auction will be automatically reoffered on our website at the starting price as offered in the auction, usually within 48 hours of the end of the Sale. We typically offer unsold items on our website for up to 3 months after the Auction. If at any point during this time you would like them returned to you then this is not a problem. At the end of this period we will contact you to discuss what you would like us to do with the items.

When will I get paid for sold lots?

Settlement is made 42 days after the sale provided that Murray Payne has received cleared funds from the buyer. Payment will be sent along with a fully detailed listing of the Vendors Lots. Settlement on any lot submitted for expertisation to an expert philatelic committee, other than by Murray Payne, will be made when the lot in question has been cleared.

 In order to receive your remittance in a timely manner, please provide us with your bank details prior to the Auction or advise us of your preferred method of payment.

Why should I use Murray Payne Auctions?

Murray Payne has been an active dealership for the past 27 years. We have a large network of contacts and customers and offer a personalised service to help dispose of your collection. Our Auctions regularly achieve exceptional prices. Our catalogues are high-quality and where a collection warrants it, we will produce single-vendor catalogues (but if we feel that a collection would be better offered over a period of time, we will advise accordingly). We care about our customers and take pride in treating them in the way we would like to be treated, should our positions be reversed!