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Expertising Terms & Conditions

Stamps or other philatelic items submitted are accepted at the submitter’s sole risk
and the Company cannot accept liability, either collectively or individually, for loss or damage however caused.
Owners are therefore advised to insure their submitted items against all relevant risks.

What do we expertise?

We will examine any British Commonwealth (Empire) philatelic material issued during the reign of King George VI (1937-1952). Indian States and Japanese Occupation stamps may require further investigation by a separate expertising body, we will advise on a case by case basis. Other items may be submitted, but please check with us first.

In some instances we may recommend that a certificate be obtained from an alternative professional body. In these cases only our costs, as incurred, will be invoiced.

Please use one Application Form per item.  If you require additional forms then contact us for further copies, alternatively, copies are also available from our web site (pdf format).  This form may also be reproduced.

Posting Items to Us:

From the UK: 
Please fill in as many details on the Application Form as possible. Make sure you include a contact number/address, not forgetting the payment method.
If you have any provenance relevant to the item in question, please include on a separate piece of paper.
From Overseas:
As from the UK, plus
Write our VAT number on the outside of the packet (VAT: GB 570 3455 49). Describe the contents as ‘Items for Expertisation - value unknown’. If sending via Priority Mail, please contact us first.


All certificates will be charged at the published rate (currently £45 for a single item, block or Coronation/Victory Specimen set of 3 or 2. £75 for a set/Specimen definitive set) plus return postage/courier. In the absence of mailing instructions, all submitted items will be returned by either Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery, as appropriate to the value as determined by the certificate. The costs of return will be charged to the submitter.

We accept sterling, cheques (made payable to Murray Payne Ltd). We also accept Visa/MasterCard credit cards with current expiry date, security code and the cardholder’s full name and address. Debit cards are also accepted.

For credit and debit card payments please see the Application Form.
Please do not send a cheque with the Application Form.  If you have not submitted before then we will send you a pro-forma invoice.  However, a credit card payment may be easier for all concerned.